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Om Shantidhama is a Registered Charitable Trust (1991) – and is an unique combination of Spiritual, Education, ayurvedic & Service Projects.

From Om to Om Shantidhama:  Om – chant it once; it becomes a melody. Chant it with intonation, it becomes music. Chant it with modulation sitting alone or as a group, under the training, role model by an expert called Guru; it transforms itself into the Veda. Om is pranava…………………………..more.



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Respected Donors and Well Wishers,


Sub: Honouring the Acharyas and Vedic Snatakas (Graduates) with Puraskara Nidhi

We are deeply concerned about the alarming speed in which our traditional wisdom is disappearing. We would like to share certain facts with you.


According to the recent study, only two of the Rigveda’s 21 branches, 6 of

Yajurveda’s 101 branches, 3 of Samaveda’s 9 branches and 2 of Atharvaveda’s 9 branches exist today. Four schools of Vedic chanting -Paippalada, Ranayaniya, Jaiminiya and Maitrayani – are about to vanish. Due to lack of financial support and societal concern there is a real danger of losing the remaining body of Vedic knowledge. While we continue to neglect our own tradition, international organisations like UNESCO have realised the value and importance of preserving Vedic knowledge. In fact, UENSCO has recently declared Vedic chanting and knowledge as “a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage” and has announced initiatives to support its preservation.

Om Shantidhama is proud to bring to the knowledge of its generous donors and supporters that as per the planned scheme, in the year 2016, five Brahmacharies have successfully graduated (2 in Kramantha in Rigveda and 3 in Maha bhashya of Vyakarana) under the effective guidance and supervision of their Acharyas. Om Shantidhama gratefully acknowledges the support extended by donors in realising the objective of Om Shantidhama.

In connection with the above achievement, Om Shantidhama proposes to honour the successful Brahmacharis and Acharyas with Puraskara Nidhi and certificates.

This is in keeping with the avowed policy of Om Shantidhama. Accordingly the total amount to be presented on this occasion is  Rs 6 Lacs (Rupees Six Lacs).

Om Shantidhama proposes to present the Puraskara Nidhi on the occasion of Snathaka Samarambha to the Snatakas, which Coincides with the Gurupournima day to be held on 24th July 2016. Om Shantidhama Veda Gurukula Mahavidyalaya, appeals to its ever supporting donors to contribute liberally to the proposed fund and enable Om Shantidhama to march forward in producing many more such Vedic Scholars in the years to come.

With kind regards

Smt. Sadhana Jawali, Chairperson,Veda Gurukula Mahavidyalaya.

Sri. Aryamuni, President, Om Shantidhama Trust

Sri Satyavrata, Secretary, Om Shantidhama Trust